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Quinn Wilneff

A conversation with Eagle Ranch Caddie Master,
Quinn Vilneff

Published in Business in Calgary


Business In Calgary: What do golfers at Eagle Ranch have to look forward to in 2019?

VILNEFF: The launch of our exciting new Caddie Program which is exclusive to Eagle Ranch. The program is the only one of its kind in the region and one of a limited number across Canada.


Business In Calgary: What does the Caddie Program involve?

VILNEFF: It’s a highly personalized service that can be tailored for each guest. It can be a tour caddy approach or a more casual, social experience with some course knowledge thrown in for good measure. We offer both traditional caddie and forecaddie services providing a one to one caddie relationship or guided assistance to a group of four.


Business In Calgary: What makes the program so unique?

VILNEFF: It’s designed to provide a true and authentic golf experience, making it more positive and removing as much frustration as possible. It gives the golfer the opportunity to walk the course and feel the turf. As Ben Hogan once said “the most important shot in golf is your next one”. A good caddie is more than someone who carries the bag. They are a coach, an expert of the course and an advocate of pure enjoyment of the sport.


Business In Calgary: What other top courses have been inspirational when developing this program?

VILNEFF: Bandon Dunes and Cabot Links have done it really well. We’re taking a similar authentic approach, creating a team of experienced, charismatic loopers that will provide guests with a range of course insights while sharing a passion for the game. In a lot of ways, caddies are like great bartenders who have honed their craft and established a personal rapport with their clients…along with a great story or two along the way.


Business In Calgary: What is your background?

VILNEFF: I’ve been very fortunate to have played college golf at the University of Evansville in Indiana.
After graduating with my Bachelor of Science in Business and Sport Management, I was asked to be the first graduate assistant coach for both the men and women’s division one golf teams. In 2017, I graduated with my Master’s Degree in Administration and have spent the last two years playing golf both professionally as well as caddying on some of the world’s best golf tours (including the European Tour and Web. com Tour). Golf, especially caddying, has taken me across Asia, Europe, South and North America.


Business In Calgary: What are you most passionate about?

VILNEFF: Quite simply, golf! I love the game and my background has lead me to a position where I can help other golfers love it as well. I am passionate about offering an experience that is above and beyond the ordinary, something guests will remember for the rest of their lives.



For more information, view our Caddie Program page