Eagle Ranch Resort

Why Eagle Ranch Resort is the PERFECT Venue Choice

Why Eagle Ranch Resort is the PERFECT Venue Choice

Your big day is in the near future and you have a million decisions to make surrounding your wedding day. One important
decision that stands out – choosing the wedding venue. Once the wedding venue is chosen, the extra weight is taken off your shoulders and you can focus on the fun, nitty gritty details of your special day!

You’ve said yes to your fiancé when he was down on one knee, now it’s time to say yes to the magical place you will share your vows and spend the best day of your life!


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Here is a list to refer to, before you say YES to the VENUE:

  • First thing’s first- talk to our wedding planner/coordinators
  • Choose a venue that aligns with your vision
  • Know your guest list
  • Remember your budget
  • Consider your guests’ experience
  • Download the free PDF: Wedding Planning Checklist from Magnet Street

Download the free PDF: Wedding Planning Checklist from Magnet Street

Reaching out to a wedding professional is a must! Even if you are one of those DIY-everything people, a little assistance for your big day will make the whole


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‘I-am-getting-married-and-it-has-to-be-the-most-amazing-day’ process less stressful, more possible and a lot more enjoyable. Our Eagle Resort wedding coordinators are amazing at what they do. They will make your magical day become a reality and make the process seamless and worry free!

Does the venue fit with your theme? When you were little, did you dream of your beautiful fairy tale wedding with your prince sweeping you off your feet? Okay – well I’m sure you’ve realized that life may not be quite as you imagined at 5 years-old. However, your wedding day should still live up to your fairy take expectations! When you are touring Eagle Ranch Resort, try to imagine the decorations you pinned on Pinterest around the room. Use that 5-year-old imagination to help you on the quest to find the perfect venue. Make sure you take a trip down to our ranch-style Gazebo (one of the Eagle Ranch Resort ceremony areas) – it will take your breath away.

How many people are you expecting? Bring this number to your venue tour to make sure it will fit. The clubhouse at Eagle Ranch Resort has a capacity of 130 guests however can accommodate higher numbers depending on the room setup. If you are expecting a more intimate wedding audience, please inquire with the Eagle Ranch staff about the Pioneer Room.

Are children going to be attending your wedding? If so, keep an eye out for kid-friendly venues! Make sure the venue is equipped with highchairs, kid-friendly meals, change-room for babies, etc. It may be the last thing on your mind, but your guests will appreciate you accommodating their little ones. Eagle Ranch Resort accommodates little ones quite well, just ask our wedding coordinators!

Does the venue offer catering? It’s a bonus if your venue does, because guess what – you don’t have to hire a separate company. You can sit with your wedding coordinator at the venue and pick your meal plan right there and then, making this process as smooth as butter.

Budget, budget, budget. You know your budget. You know how special this day is to you. Everyone is different. No prime advice here- this is totally in your hands.

Guest experience! Last but not least – considering your guests’ experience throughout the planning process will make certain that everyone enjoys your special day. Make sure your wedding guests have an absolute blast by including these small, but important details throughout your big day: 20 Ways to Throw the Best Wedding Ever.

We may be a little biased, but if you are looking for a one-stop wedding venue that has it all Eagle Ranch Resort is the easy choice;

  1. Beautiful Mountain Ceremony
  2. Full Service Clubhouse with capacity for up to 130+ guests!
  3. Divine catered food made in-house
  4. Friendly and organized wedding coordinators to make your life easier
  5. Bar with friendly staff and great variety of choices
  6. Dancefloor – lots of room for your guests to show off their swift moves
  7. Chairs, tables, linens etc.- everything to set your event up with success
  8. And much, much MORE. Book a tour today specialevents@eagleranchresort.com


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